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We are always attempting (and succeeding) to reconnnect with past Officers who have been "lost" due to a change of employment, retirement,redundancy,illness or any other reason.

At present (2020) the requirements of Membership are simply:-

Membership applications are subject to review by the Committee, the requirements are:-

  •         That the Officer left the Bank’s service in good standing under normal circumstances.
  •         Fees are currently $10 for 5 years ($ No nomination fee. On receipt of the Application and Committee perusal, payment details will be forwarded out.

The Club has a strict policy of non disclosure of Member's personal details . However we do publish birthdays in our bi monthly newsletter.As from 2012 we have only been publishing the Birthday Persons AGE and not the Birth Date as in the past, this is for Privacy reasons. If this is not acceptable to you, please indicate YES/NO in your application and your Birthday will not be acknowledged in the Newsletter.

For the former Lady Members and Widows, we do not show their age or Birth Date, just 00.

Complete an Application form from here.

Go to the Clubhouse TAB to access a number of online forms in the "drop down menu", to enable you to communicate with the Club.